Strength is our foundation – like your home every Crown canopy is built on a strong foundation. Crown’s integrated base rails have been fundamental to the design for over 30 years. Equally important are the composite materials and processes we use to build each fibreglass canopy. This guarantees performance and longevity you can rely on.   


What you really need to know - weather-tight performance is so important to us, we won’t leave anything to chance. 

Windows are installed using a customised rubber seal with an encapsulated foam core to form an impenetrable water barrier. A rubber membrane secures the canopy to the vehicle which again creates the ultimate watertight seal.

Our quality procedures include unique water testing of all major components, backed up by a comprehensive water test for every canopy after final assembly.

Just as in fashion, accessories need to be complimentary to the overall appearance of your vehicle. Our Crown design team is committed to ensuring all Crown canopy designs match the vehicle lines and style for every application.