The Facts

The details are important to us because they are important to you. It's our reputation built over 30 years that's at stake, so  we wont compromise form or function - you deserve both.

Strength is our foundation

Heavy duty 5mm fibreglass construction, comprising of: 

A.  UV resistant high-gloss finish gel coat 0.5mm thickness

B.  50mm long glass fibre near-isotropic, 40% by weight of laminate

C.  Reinforced polyester resin, 60% by weight of laminate

Solid Integrated Base-rail

Any canopy is only as strong as its base. Our one
piece fibreglass canopy will provide maximum
strength & water tightness for years to come.

Smooth Exterior

A smooth, high-gloss, durable finish in gel coat white, coupled with optimum UV protection ensures a maintenance free exterior

When White is Truly White

Our unique gel coat formulations precisely colour match the white of most manufacturers current vehicles, as follows:

  • Ford Ranger - Cool White - A2W
  • Holden Colorado - Summit White - GAZ
  • Isuzu D-Max - Splash White - 527
  • Mazda BT50 - Cool White - A2W
  • Mitsubishi Triton - W32
  • Nissan Navara NP300 - QM1
  • Toyota Hilux - Glacier White - 040




Quality Windows & Doors

High quality window & door components compliment the design, function and style of each Crown canopy
Tempered safety glass is used for all windows & doors

Unique Water Barriers

Our customised rubber seal ensures the
weather stays outside so your load stays dry




Protect you gear with key matched rear door handles, using double pozi catch latches to provide the best security.



Window Options

High quality components compliment the design, function & style of each Crown canopy.

Tempered safety glass is used for all window options, which include fixed, sliding or lift-up side
windows. Or for an all glass look, choose flush mount scissor & flush mount lift-up window options.



We’ve Set the Standard - AS 1235; 2000

Adding roof racks to your Crown canopy is easy, all our canopies are rated to carry up-to 100kg in accordance with the Australasian standard AS 1235; 2000. 

So it doesn’t matter if it’s a ladder, bike or kayak you can load with confidence.


Robust Roof Rack Mounts

A dual layer of 4.5mm fibre reinforced composite greatly increases the thickness and strength as follows:
D.  Four squares (300 x 300mm x 1.3mm) of coremat positioned in each corner of the shell
E.  Coremat covered with 450g/m2 chopped strand mat (350 x 350mm x 3mm)

F.  Glass resin impregnated chopped strand mat feathered into the existing shell

Easy Fitment - Water Tight

Predrilled mounting load rails for precise vehicle fitment (G)
A rubber membrane secures the canopy to the vehicle ensuring a watertight seal

Manufacturing Precision

Robotic machinery is incorporated within the manufacturing process for the trimming of the windows, door and base rail. This ensures accuracy quality and manufacturing efficiencies


No Leak Exterior Trim

The exterior trim is fitted using a high bond adhesive to ensure a no leak design

The Look

The one piece moulded shell ensures a seamless fit, complimenting the lines and curvature of the vehicle
The modern midline styling, unique to each vehicle is accomplished using cad cam design software and laser scanning technology